Bloggers Brunch 19th & 20th January


Another wonderful weekend filled with so much positivity. We started the Januarys brunches with an amazing yoga session with Joanne Gray. It was a great way to start the day, we allowed ourselves to be present and focused, filled our lungs with oxygen, learnt breathing techniques we could bring back to every day life and completed a great yoga session that stretched our whole bodies and tested our balance. HOUSE was such a unique and beautiful setting for yoga.

Bloggers Brunch January
Bloggers Brunch January
Januarys Bloggers Brunch

The brunch in HOUSE Dublin was delicious as always, a variety of delicious options to suit all tastes and the staff were unbelievably helpful. After Brunch we had some really great discussions about the challenges with social media, how it’s essential to create two way conversations, the importance of SEO and tips and tools to help manage your blog content and social schedule.

It was amazing to meet so many passionate women, all with their own amazing goals with such positive outlooks. I hope that each and every one of you found the brunch beneficial and I hope you all continue to talk online and meet up and collaborate off line.

A massive thank you to Lisa ( who took so many gorgeous photos from the Brunch.

Sabrina Egerton